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2017/18 OAC Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators

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Nightswimming is participating in the Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators Program funded by the Ontario Arts Council. We are accepting applications until October 10, 2017. Nightswimming is particularly pleased that “creators working in forms other than text” are eligible to apply and we are eager to review applications from creators working in those fields.

If you’re interested in challenging dramatic forms and bold visual storytelling, explore our website for more information about our theatrical interests and ideas. Please review our current and past projects to get a sense of our work. Here are the questions we’ll be asking when we review the applications:

Does the project intersect with at least two of Nightswimming’s artistic interests?

These include:
– diversity of storytelling – geographic and/or cultural
– poetic and dramatic text
– dance, performance events and documentary/verbatim work
– exploration of dramatic forms – stretching dramaturgical boundaries
– integration of music, especially vocal music

Does this application establish a new relationship for Nightswimming, or extend an existing relationship in a new direction?

We will focus on the following:
– the clarity of the applicant’s intent regarding the project
– the clarity of the process of creation
– is the project something the artist would be unable to pursue without this funding?

If you have a project that you think would fit with Nightswimming’s mandate and interests, please send us your application by October 10, 2017. We look forward to reading it.

PLEASE NOTE: You must keep applications to a maximum of 9 pages in total, including the 5 page application form from the OAC Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators website; a short script sample is sufficient as we are more interested in the nature of the ideas you want to explore than reading your past work.

Please submit the entire application as one PDF document only, with one copy of the signed OAC application form scanned in as part of the same PDF document. If you have technical difficulties, you may mail 3 copies of the signed OAC application form to our office.
Applications can only be submitted by e-mail to brittany@nightswimmingtheatre.com

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