City of Wine festival brochure. Design by Elliott Smith.

City of Wine

Ned Dickens’ seven-play cycle tells the story of the Greek city of Thebes – best known as the home of Oedipus. Beginning with the founding of Thebes by Cadmus and Harmonia, and ending in the city’s demise seven generations later on the battlefield of Troy, City of Wine provides a timely commentary on leadership and civic life.Read More ››

Blue Note 01

Blue Note

An elegiac investigation into loss within the realm of collaboration, Blue Note is a work in progress, an installation rather than a traditional theatre piece, and during both the rehearsal process and the formal presentations the audience can observe the ensemble rehearsing, and the performance evolving, over the exhibition period.Read More ››

Darryl Tracy and Ray Hogg in the betrayal project. Photo by John Lauener.

the betrayal project

Pulsing with the far-reaching rhythms of the human heart, this potent creation for Sasso’s stellar company of dancers lays bare the deepest paradoxes of our living, loving and leaving in an arresting physical investigation of betrayal.

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