Sanjay Talwar & Anita Majumdar in Bombay Black. Photo by John Lauener.

Bombay Black by Anosh Irani

The play is the story of Apsara, who lives in Bombay with her mother, making a living by selling erotic dances to wealthy men. When a blind man named Kamal arrives for an appointment, the complex and brutal past of the three characters slowly rises to the surface.Read More ››

Andy Massingham in Rough House. Photo by John Lauener.

Rough House

A comic yet wordless duet for performer and lighting designer in which light is an active character, both friend and foe of Andy’s persona. As Andy becomes more challenged by the objects and images that surround him, surprising gestures and exacting physical movement tells the story of one man struggling with his imagination.Read More ››

Mitch Smolkin, Jennifer Higgin, Sarah Boucher in Lake Nora Arms.

Lake Nora Arms

In the atmosphere of an old cottage country hotel, warm summers of lakeside living are recalled in this a capella musical based on Redhill’s 1993 book of poems. Lyrical songs and richly spoken words bring the fog of the lake, a swim on an unbearably hot day, birdsong, a sunset on water and a solitary walk to poignant memory.Read More ››

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