Michael Sean Marye, Justine Chambers, Michael Trent, Ron Stewart, Heidi Strauss and Mike Moore in Beauty. Photo by John Lauener.


An abstract meditation on the meaning of beauty, this bold dance work has been an exciting collaboration between choreographer, dramaturg and six dancers. With spirited physicality and mercurial grace, Beauty brings to life a landscape of desire in which Sasso’s dancers explore the possibility of beauty in every kind of human encounter.Read More ››

Martin Julien and Tracey Ferencz in The Whirlpool. Photo by Cylla von Tiedemann.

The Whirlpool

In Niagara Falls in 1889, Fleda and her husband David are to build a house on a height of land above the Niagara River whirlpool. David is visited in his dreams by Laura Secord. Fleda’s dreams reside in the woods surrounding the whirlpool where she first encounters Patrick – a poet who enters their landscape and changes their destiny.Read More ››

Susan Coyne, Lisa Norton and Pierre Brault in An Acre of Time. Photo by Nir Bareket.

An Acre of Time

The play, based on Phil Jenkins’ book, tells the story of one acre of what is now the Lebreton Flats in downtown Ottawa. Tracing the land’s story from its geological creation through its Aboriginal, French, English and finally Canadian owners, An Acre of Time is a microcosm of Canadian, and indeed all, history. Read More ››

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